About us

We are Westar Labs, a team that has been researching and developing in the blockchain industry since 2018, with the goal of making our contributions to solving the scalability of blockchains so that they eventually be used at scale.

We have explored a variety of two-tier scaling solutions but found that the two-tier scaling solution depends on the innovation and cooperation of one tier, so we developed a public chain Starcoin for two tiers from 2020 to 2021, and the main network was launched in May 2021.

Now that the main network has been running safely and stably for more than half a year, and the system contract has been upgraded for 10 versions, we are ready to start the development of Stargate, a second-layer application framework on the Starcoin blockchain network, whose goal is to bring users the instant response experience of Internet applications without losing security.

Westar is a pioneer in layered blockchain

open financial network

Easy payment between any user in the Hub.


Inherit the security features of one layer and include the security mechanism of the protocol itself.


Create the next generation of layered blockchain and financial infrastructure. Through advanced technology and engineering capabilities, we build our products and infrastructure network to reduce reliance on trust and improve the efficiency of financial markets. For the blockchain ecology, we use layered blockchain technology to ensure security and processing speed to achieve the purpose of commercial use. Through an open financial network, we can change the world and change the lives of ordinary people.






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